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Bubble Tea Fruit Tea Kit

Now you can recreate Bubble CiTea's signature fruit tea at home! Have fun customising your own fruit tea kit from a wide range of flavours we offer. Make your own signature bubble tea drink by following our secret recipe or, even better, create your own secret recipe.

Approximately 3-4 servings per kit.

Please put this product in the fridge once it arrives to you and consume it within 2 weeks

What's in the box?
- Jasmine tea leaves (~20g)
- Tea bags x 4
- Bubbles / Jellies (190ml or upgrade to 370ml by purchasing here)
- Syrups (190ml)
- Paper straws x4
- Instruction card

Nutritional values and ingredients can be found here.

Please consume the bubbles / syrups in 2 weeks and keep them in the fridge once delivered.


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