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Bubble CiTea is a British brand which upgraded, adapted and produced unique flavours to meet local needs whilst keeping to the traditional core values of the Taiwanese Tea Culture. CEO, Suneet Sachdeva, discovered Bubble Tea whilst travelling Asia and Australia. Upon his return to the UK he found himself craving the traditional, fresh flavours of the unique Taiwanese beverage.


Bubble CiTea proudly serves fresh Fruit Tea, Milk Tea and Crushed Ice drinks. Every season we adapt our special recipes to meet customers need. Providing customers the ability to mix flavours of Fruit Teas, Milk Teas and coupled with the array of toppings that can be mixed and matched.Bubble CiTeacontinues to excite customers and lead the fast paced drinks market.


Bubble CiTea provides a unique customer experience like no other! Our bubble tea is freshly prepared by hand and can be customised to your preference, from tea base, through flavour and sugar level to popping bubbles choices.


At Bubble CiTea, we endeavour to create a family atmosphere, whether you are one of our customers or members of the team, we will always strive to make you feel valued. Bubble CiTea aims to keep to the its core values of high quality drinks, outstanding customer service, cleanliness and hygiene and continues to appeal to other major cities in The UK and beyond.